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About Us

MOQ boxing was founded on the 28th December 2017 with a vision to create a new brand for the world of boxing, providing high quality equipment and clothing, while supporting the sport and its fighters. In fact, even before launching the business, MOQ boxing had sponsored 15 boxers including 10 professionals and 5 amateur stars.

So before a single penny came into the business, MOQ boxing was already giving back to the sport we love and its fighters.

We all know how lonely the sport of boxing can feel when you step through the ropes, however having a team around you outside of the ring can make a real difference in your path to glory.



Greatness – this goes for everything we do. From the manufacturing to the service we provide our customers. 

Inspire – boxing is the hardest sport in the world not only to compete in, but more importantly to succeed in. We are here to inspire and support you every step of the way, from taking your first step into a boxing gym to stepping through the ropes for that coveted world championship fight.

Dedication – Like a boxer, for our company to succeed takes an enormous amount of dedication to achieve our goals. We recognise that to become the world’s number 1 boxing apparel and equipment brand, we need to remain focused and dedicated at all times, never wavering from our chosen path to help you the boxer and the sport we love.

Give back – We believe It is our duty as a business to give back to the sport in any way possible, from providing training tips to beginners, to supporting boxing gyms and fighters with sponsorship, ultimately helping as many boxers realise their dreams as possible.


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